It’s equally important to know the flaws and weaknesses of great men, and not simply trying to copy them.

As with any complex non-linear process, there are critical points where a tiny change can have an impact that multiplies enormously over time (the "Butterfly Effect") but in most situations the ultimate course is inevitable – fluctuations caused by would-have-been-great men are weak and transient. As they knew it would be a long time before they could build temples in Africa the members of the church had to sell their possessions, including their homes, to earn enough money to visit the temple and to participate in these sacred ceremonies. 7. It is believed that the Church of the African continent is based upon the beliefs of those early members, who had no money but gave up to the point of death. It’s equally important to know the flaws and weaknesses of great men, and not simply trying to copy them. When I read their histories I am strengthened in my faith and my willingness to give up increases. 8. My church history has encouraged me to become better at keeping records . History, especially when it is taught for the general public is usually propagandistic.

The church has advised me to keep a journal. However, I’m not convinced by the notion that it became worse after the turn of the century. Why? because the Church’s history is an account of the "manner of living, … faith and deeds" and actions of the Church’s members (see Doctrine and Covenants 85:2). The writing of history in a dispassionate manner began in the 18th century when it was the time of Gibbon.

Every time I read about the Church’s history, including the latest History, Saints, I am amazed at the fact that these books can be created only through the journal entries, letters and other papers of the ordinary individuals of the Church. The 20th century saw the creation of a huge amount of history that was based on pure research. Their honest, first-person experiences inspire me to become an even better journal-keeper as well as assisting future historians record an accurate historical record of the Church’s history in Africa. If you eschew the propaganda taught in schools, the revisionist rubbish from the neo-liberals, as well as other cheap obvious lies and you’ll find that the vast majority of the significant and important history was written during the 20th century and, more specifically, following the War. There is also a personal satisfaction from studying church history and working to be faithful to my own record.

Before that, the tools simply weren’t there for carrying out extensive archeological and historical studies on a vast scale. In the manner that president Henry B. Racist and nationalist biases were also more pronounced and widespread throughout the period. Eyring, Second Counselor of the First Presidency, has taught me, I am blessed by the ability to observe and keep in mind the Lord’s presence in my own life and in the life of the members of my household. 9. Recollections of the past strengthen my testimony and improves my capacity to meet difficulties in my own life. It is more important to be aware of the fundamental socioeconomic and technological aspects and the psychological differences with the contemporary world as opposed to knowing famous men. When I maintain my personal list and reflect on other members of the church’s careful record, I begin to discern the designs of our Lord when He restores His Kingdom and His Church in the final days. It is to me more fascinating why every major human societyfor many millennia has accepted slavery (so generally viewed as repulsive to people of today) without hesitation or even why we’re in awe of such an irrational type of government called democracy, rather than the aspects of Napoleon’s character which caused his defeat of Europe.

This and other lessons that I’ve learned from studying Church’s past have been a huge help to my personal spiritual growth. 10. These lessons have also provided me with the confidence to defend my faith since I am aware of the reasons behind the things we do. I don’t place as much trust with this Great Man theory as some do. Knowing the historical context behind some of our beliefs and practices makes me more effective as a teacher and better disciple. The possibility for individuals to influence the historical course has diminished dramatically over time.

See "Race and the Priesthood," Gospel Topics, . Leaders of great stature have been weakened by the advent of democracy. Check out, for instance, Foundations of the Restoration (Church Educational System manual) Chapter 26, 2016. It seems that there is no space for conquerors in the first place. Read Henry B. The wars of the past were eliminated by the nuclear bomb. Eyring, "O Remember, Remember," Liahona, Nov. 2007, between 66 and 69. Important inventions are currently team-based and are planned years ahead of time.

The importance of studying The History of World Civilizations. Every one of the accomplishments in the lives of "great men" are in some way random. You’re probably familiar with the phrase, "The more things change and evolve, the more they remain exactly the same." Learning about the past of global civilizations can help you understand how the importance of ancient roots to the current problems. They’re usually above average, if not in a major manner, but that’s far from enough. They influence the ways that people, ideas and objects are interconnected.

If Napoleon been born as a slave in Virginia He would not have been the chief of everything. Knowing fascinating patterns of the world’s civilizations and the impact of history on current developments helps you understand current global issues. Regarding Augustus does it not seem likely that in his absence, another man could have risen up into the gap and achieved similar (if not exactly the same) things?

The circumstances make the man, not the ordinary person however there are many men who have the potential to become great, and there are many opportunities to achieve greatness.

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